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2017 United States Grand Prix

United States Grand Prix

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Vettel, 1m37.766
United States
2017 season:

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel fought briefly after the latter had won the drag race to Turn 1, but there wasn’t really a contest; the Mercedes comfortably had the legs of the Ferrari on a circuit where passing is easy if your car is faster. It may have been different had Seb not missed much of Friday afternoon practice to a suspected cracked chassis. He may have discovered that the car was over-working the left-front on the ultra-soft and been able to make suitable adjustments into Saturday – the sort of changes Hamilton and Mercedes had made Friday to Saturday to refine the balance for the necessary tyre durability for a one-stop. In other words, Ferrari’s continuing mechanical woes may have contributed to Vettel’s defeat here. But perhaps not; maybe the Mercedes-Hamilton combination would have been too strong regardless. They are operating in rarefied air right now, riding atop a very high wave and the sealing of a fourth consecutive constructors title for Mercedes was just a rubber-stamping of that fact. Vettel’s second place simply delayed the formality of the driver’s crown.