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2015 Belgian Grand Prix

Grand Prix Shell de Belgique

Sunday, August 23, 2015
Hot, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Rosberg, 1m52.416
2015 season:

Mercedes finishing 1-2, Lewis Hamilton from Nico Rosberg, was just a routine story. Romain Grosjean running fourth in an impounded Lotus, pressuring the one-stopping Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel for the podium, was much bigger news. But as the outer shoulder of the Ferrari’s right-rear Pirelli collapsed with a lap to go, a much a bigger story even than the resultant fairytale Grosjean podium unfolded. You probably heard Vettel’s comments to the TV cameras in the aftermath, but they’re worth repeating here. Asked if Ferrari had been pushing its luck trying for the one-stop around a high speed circuit notoriously tough on tyres, he responded, “How many laps was I missing? Not many. Things like that are not allowed to happen. Full stop. If it happens 200m earlier, I’m not standing here now. I am in Eau Rouge at 300kph. I don’t know what else needs to happen… “What’s upsetting, one is the result: this is racing. For sure, we deserve to finish on the podium, but the other thing is if it happens earlier then, you know… I think it is the sort of theme that keeps going around, no-one is mentioning, but it’s unacceptable.” The reference to Pirelli was obvious.