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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

Grand Prix du Canada

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Hot, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Massa, 1m18.504
2014 season:

So the Mercs finally broke – and emerging from the desperate dog fight to pick up the pieces was the remarkable Daniel Ricciardo; the first time in his short Red Bull career in which it was possible to take a win and he did so. Behind him was late carnage as Sergio Pérez and Felipe Massa collided at scarily high speed while fighting for the final podium place. But there was a drive yet more remarkable than Ricciardo’s – that of Nico Rosberg, second in a Mercedes that was minus 160bhp for the last 33 laps and only passed by Danny two laps from the end. A crucial difference in brake balance settings allowed him to pick up a valuable 18 points whilst team-mate Lewis Hamilton was forced to retire, out of brakes. Montreal’s combination of long straights and slow corners was for many years the toughest test of brakes on the calendar. But such has been the amazing rate of progress in disc materials and caliper technology that for the last few years that aspect of this old-school track had been tamed.