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2014 Belgian Grand Prix

Grand Prix Shell de Belgique

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Cool, dry and cloudy
Fastest Lap:
Rosberg, 1m50.511
2014 season:

He did it again. Daniel Ricciardo, the shark who scents blood, took advantage of Mercedes dramas for the third time this season with yet another wonderful victory drive, attacking yet faultless. The blood he homed in on was bad – and was trailing from the shattered unity at Mercedes after a highly charged passing attempt by Nico Rosberg on Lewis Hamilton’s lead made for a collision that’s created ructions in the team. But it’s unfair the Mercedes controversy should overshadow the quality of the winner’s drive. “We knew he was good when we signed him,” said Christian Horner of his triple race winner, “knew he was very fast. But in all honesty we didn’t realise he was this good – and his confidence is sky-high at the moment. It was an extraordinary drive.” He pulled out 15sec in 30 laps over team-mate Sebastian Vettel – and was easier on his tyres too. He was using up less of the track than Seb, making it look effortless. He puts himself in place to make ruthless capital out of any trouble ahead, locks like a heat-seeking missile onto opportunity.