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2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Hot, dry and sunny at the start. Night time at finish
Fastest Lap:
Ricciardo, 1m44.496
United Arab Emirates
2014 season:

The release 2: Lewis Hamilton kept on his helmet for a while in the green room behind the podium, just while he gathered himself together. Sitting in solitude for a few seconds taking it all in, a second world championship accomplished with a solid victory, one that had almost jumped out and grabbed him the moment the starting gantry lights went out; the tension, the performance and now the release. There was a tear or two in his eye as he removed the helmet. The release 1: From the moments the lights went out, this was Hamilton’s race. A beautiful start while his only rival Rosberg bogged down from pole. Lewis didn’t even need to sit it out through the first turn – away and gone, an ever-widening stretch of dusk between them. All the ambivalence of how he should approach the race, the calculations, the worry – all of it instantly dissolved. For all that he had been insisting he was approaching the race just the same as ever, that could never be true – as he admitted afterwards: “I had so much pressure coming into the weekend. Niki [Lauda] was right: he told me I would hardly sleep and I didn’t. I spent last night thinking of all the negative things that could go wrong.