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2008 Turkish Grand Prix

Petrol Ofisi Turkish Grand Prix

Sunday, May 11, 2008
Warm, dry and cloudy
Fastest Lap:
Raikkonen, 1m26.506
2008 season:

It looks like Massa is almost unbeatable at Istanbul Park after a decisive victory this year, giving him a hat trick of wins there. He drove a great race and Brundle was keen to point out that he was his “driver of the day”, ahead of Hamilton who, during his second stint, he described as putting in “Senna-like laps”. Bridgestone delivered bad news to the McLaren garage yesterday as they were worried that their tyres could suffer the same problem they had in 2007 on Hamilton’s car, when one disintegrated just 15 laps from the end. No other driver suffered the same problem this year but it appeared that a combination of Lewis’ driving style and the never-ending turn 8, meant that the McLaren driver had to opt for a three stop strategy. With this entered into the computer and a wrong tyre choice in qualifying, Hamilton was told that the best he could hope for was 5th. To finish 2nd makes you believe that when he descibed the race as the drive of his career, he probably wasn’t far off. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the weekend was that McLaren seems to have made up a remarkable amount of ground on the Italian outfit. Ferrari are down playing this but the McLarens matched them throughout the race, even though their cars weren’t well adapted to the softer of the two compounds.