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2008 Spanish Grand Prix

Gran Premio de Espana Telefonica

Sunday, April 27, 2008
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Raikkonen, 1m21 670
2008 season:

Kimi Raikkonen handled the post-race press conference as he always does, unemotionally, and with a complete lack of hyperbole. He doesn’t try to use words to impress: games of intimidation are unnecessary when you are as quick as Raikkonen. In a way, therefore, the flatness of his delivery was the more chilling for his rivals. “For sure,” he said, blearily rubbing his eyes, “we could have gone quite a bit faster, but there’s no point when you don’t need to…” Later, in response to a slightly different question, he took it a stage further: “We could,” he said, “have gone much faster.” It looked that way. Had it been a boring afternoon for the Spanish Grand Prix winner? Kimi just smiled and shrugged, leaving us to draw our own conclusions, which were simple enough: Ferrari have a quantifiable advantage at present, and no one with any sense would bet against Raikkonen’s retaining his World Championship, even if we are just four races into an 18-race season. Starting from the pole, Raikkonen never lost the lead, save momentarily after his first pit stop, and was shadowed, at a certain respectful distance, by team mate Felipe Massa. In the closing laps, Lewis Hamilton moved his McLaren to within a couple of seconds of Massa, but there was never any question of threatening the Ferrari, and Hamilton knew it.