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1990 Monaco Grand Prix

Grand Prix de Monaco

Sunday, May 27, 1990
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Senna, 1m24.468
1990 season:

Senna Superb

For Ayrton Senna fans, and there are a lot of them among the paying public, in spite of the anti-Senna lobby among the English press, the 48th Monaco Grand Prix was sheer delight. Fastest time in both qualifying sessions, claiming pole position on the grid without question, led the race from start to finish and made fastest race lap. It is difficult to improve on that, and at no time during the weekend did anyone look like presenting a challenge to the Brazilian and the McLaren-Honda.

The Monte Carlo circuit continues in its enigmatic role of being the best loved (or most hated) street circuit of all time, everyone putting up with all manner of bad things because it only happens once a year, and it is the father-and-mother of all street circuits, and has been since 1929 (but don't tell the Marlboro World Championship Team, or their disciples, who think it all started in 1950!). It is not the sort of circuit around which any self respecting Grand Prix driver would want to race every weekend, but most drivers are prepared to accept its challenge once a year as part of the overall scene that makes 'complete' Grand Prix drivers.