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1989 Nurburgring 480Kms

Sunday, August 20, 1989
Fastest Lap:
Schlesser, 1m29.281
1989 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

Almost there

The ADAC Trophy race at the Nürburgring proved to be a game of bluff, arid Peter Sauber's Mercedes team had to face severe challenges from Nissan and the Joest Porsche team before achieving its now familiar 1-2 result. As has happened so many times before in the fuel-regulated Group C series, some leading teams were prepared to race beyond their allocation hoping for a Pace-car period to slow the pace and bring them back onto the consumption. However Mercedes couldn't afford to underestimate Nissan or Joest and had to go with them, only to see the pretenders drop away in the closing stages.

A cursory glance at the results, when the race is half forgotten, may indicate that the "Silver Arrows" crushed their opposition. Jean-Louis Schlesser and Jochen Mass beat Mauro Baldi and Kenny Acheson by two seconds after nearly three hours of racing (their cars had never been out of sight of each other) and third, two laps behind, was the improved Kremer Porsche 962 K6 driven by George Fouche and Giovanni Lavaggi. There were four more cars queuing up behind Fouche at the flag with Johnny Dumfries' Toyota at the tail, moving entrant Glenn Waters to say: "There was just half a gallon between seventh and third"! True enough, but the principal opponents had come to a standstill on the final lap and World Sports-Prototype Championship regulations insist, as usual, that if you don't see the flag you don't get classified. So the efforts of Bob Wollek and Frank Jelinski in the best Porsche were in vain, and so too was Nissan's contribution although the R890, well driven by Andrew Gilbert-Scott and Julian Bailey led for 69 of the 106 laps...but not the vital one at the end, of course.