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1986 Fuji 1000Kms

Monday, October 6, 1986
1986 season:

Champions for two hours!

For two hours it seemed that the Silk Cut Jaguar team, and Derek Warwick, had done the impossible. By finishing second in the Fuji 1,000 Kilometres race, final round of the 1986 World Sportscar Championship, they'd deprived Rothmans-Porsche, Derek Bell and Hans Stuck of their titles...or had they?

Tom Walkinshaw looked concerned as Warwick was garlanded and interviewed, and refused to accept congratulations. Could it be that the better placed Jaguar, after spending two minutes at rest on the course, and having made an extra pit stop, was really on the same lap as the winning Joest Porsche 956 of Paola Barilla and Piercarlo Ghinzani? The famous 956/117, in its last championship race before being pensioned off,  had led the race all the way from lap 44 without incident, yet after Cheever had spent two minutes (according to Walkinshaw) or two laps (according to other drivers) at rest with the battery master switch accidentally in the off position, the Jaguar was still given as second, on the same lap, in the official bulletin.