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1986 Canadian Grand Prix

Grand Prix Labatt du Canada

Sunday, June 15, 1986
Hot and dry
Fastest Lap:
Piquet, 1m25.443
1986 season:

On the other side

One thing that little Mr Ecclestone and his Formula One Constructors Association has brought into the world of Grand Prix racing is collective organisation and we recently witnessed a prime example. For some years now we have had Grand Prix races in Canada and the United States and they have been arranged to take place on consecutive weekends, sometimes the United States being first, sometimes the Canadian event being first. If you are going to arrange to transport the whole Grand Prix circus, comprising some forty cars, at least twenty spare engines, many tons of tools, equipment and parts, as well as something like six hundred people, across the Atlantic by air, then you might as well make good use of them, so we all went to Montreal for the race on the lle Ste Helene on June 15th, and then moved west for the race round the streets of Downtown Detroit onJune 22nd, a very weary and battled scarred group returning to Europe the following week. Though scarred. some returned with laurels (and valuable points to prove their prowess, they tell me), while others returned sadder but wiser, and some were just pleased to return.