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1986 Birmingham F3000

Halfords Birmingham Superprix

Monday, August 25, 1986
Fastest Lap:
Salazar, 1m42.62
1986 season:

History from the heart of England

It finally happened. After years of effort and disappointment, Birmingham had its race. Motor racing has been with us for ninety years but we, in mainland Britain, had never before been able to see it take place on the streets of a city. Some events become great occasions, regardless of the degree of competition. The Birmingham race has the ingredients to become such an occasion.

The area in which the track was laid out is not an attractive sight, being one of those areas of inner city decay going through the slow process of urban renewal. Armco and safety netting did not enhance the aesthetics of the place but the city was determined to put on a good show. The layout of the circuit was, of course, dictated by the available roads but the organisers, with enthusiastic local cooperation, had done a good job of squeezing everything in. The markets acted as the support race paddock while all the F3000 cars were housed in a covered car park behind Bristol Street Motors whose main showroom was turned over to the media. Temporary hospitality boxes were erected near the start/finish line and there was a "tented village" in which teams could entertain guests. Temporary bridges supplemented the permanent subways so crossing to the infield was no problem and since the crowd was accommodated around the whole 2.7 miles and were much closer to the action than at any other British circuit, everyone got a good view and the sight of an F3000 car at full chat a few feet away is a mightily impressive one.