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1983 German Grand Prix

Grosser Preis von Deutschland

Sunday, August 7, 1983
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Arnoux, 1m53.938
1983 season:

Not very exciting

Hockenheimring, August 7th

I am sureĀ that anyone who loves motor racing as much as I do will agree that the concrete stadium at Hockenheim has never done very much for them as a venue for theĀ Grosser Preis von Deutschland. After the Formula One circus "chickened-out" of the Nurburgring in 1977, because it was too difficult (not too dangerous), the German Grand Prix has become a Formula One event, rather than a Grand Prix and in much the same way as happened in Belgium when their Grand Prix went from Francorchamps to Nivelles and Zolder, we have been attending the German Formula One race at Hockenheimring and "treading water" in the hope that sanity would return. We kept the faith in Belgium and it paid off, with a return to a rejuvenated Francorchamps circuit this year. We have been keeping the faith in Germany and now work is forging ahead on a new Nurburgring, and while a return to the Eifel mountains in 1984 seems a little unlikely, it must surely happen in 1985. It is anticipation that keeps some of as going, and those who keep the faith are seldom disappointed. We kept the faith with the Austrian enthusiasts when they held races on the Zeltweg airfield, and they gave us the magnificent Osterreichring, so it does pay to keep the faith. Should this prove to be the last visit to Hockenheim there will not be too many salt tears left behind.