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1983 European Grand Prix

John Player Grand Prix of Europe

Sunday, September 25, 1983
Race winner:
Hot, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Mansell, 1m14.342
1983 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

Autumn Fayre
Brands Hatch, September 25th

One thing we now know is that the South of England is still a rich and plentiful part of Great Britain. Back in the spring Brands Hatch held the Race of Champions as a one-off non-Championship Formula One event to give the enthusiasts in the South a chance of seeing the 1983 Formula One cars in action as the British Grand Prix was due to be held at Silverstone. At that time there were 17 Grand Prix events scheduled for the 1983 World Championship series and Mr Ecclestone, speaking on behalf of FOCA who do the Grand Prix financial negotiations, stated emphatically that any rumours about races being cancelled were nothing more than malicious rumour; there would be no cancellations, he said. The Swiss Grand Prix due to be run at Dijon-Prenois was cancelled, the Grand Prix in the car park at Las Vegas was cancelled and the New York Grand Prix never even got started, so, in spite of "little Bernie's" words, the World Championship series was reduced from 17 to 14 events and one or two of the sponsors who pour money into the Formula One teams said "Just a minute, we paid for 17 events and now there are only 14." A number of other sponsors are now paying per race rather than a lump sum at the start of the season, and others are paying on results. There is still a great deal of money involved in Formula One but these days you have to earn it, as well as earning your start-money based on grid position and results money which FOCA pay out on behalf of the organisers. It's tough at the top! Actually it's much tougher at the bottom.