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1983 Austrian Grand Prix

Grosser Preis von Osterreich

Sunday, August 14, 1983
Hot, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Prost, 1m33.961
1983 season:

A very nice race

Knittelfeld, August 14th

Once again the Austrian Grand Prix followed hot on the heels of the German Grand Prix and while part of the "circus" flew back to England on Sunday evening after the Hockenheimring race, to return to Vienna on the following Thursday, the rest loaded up their transporters, drove to the Osterreichring, unloaded and set up camp in readiness for the start of practice on Friday. The Brabham team salvaged what they could from BT52B/3 which had caught fire under Nelson Piquet in the closing laps in Germany, and shipped out BT52/1 to replace it as the spare car. The Tyrrell team tested their new 012 design in England and then rushed it out to Austria in time to show it to people on Thursday afternoon and have it ready for Friday morning testing. Ferrari rebuilt their C3 cars with new engines and supplemented them with a brand new car (068) which was given to Arnoux, and his German-winning car (066) became Tambay's spare car. Arnoux's spare car was Tambay's old C2 model (065), Tambay himself retaining his usual race car (067).