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1981 South African Grand Prix

Nashua Grand Prix of South Africa

Saturday, February 7, 1981
Fastest Lap:
Reutemann, 1m13.61
South Africa
1981 season:

A pointless exercise
Kyalami, Johannesburg, February 7th

Notwithstanding the lack of support from Ferrari, Renault, Alfa Romeo and Talbot Ligier, the Formula One Constructors Association entered a total of nineteen drivers for this year's South African Grand Prix at Kyalami, although whether FISA will ever formally regard it as the first round of the FIA World Championship is hard to say. With no Goodyear company to supply tyres, no FISA blessing and the absence of the aforementioned teams FOCA were nonetheless determined to put on a race and all the cars had to run on "production" Goodyear G50 hard compound tyres supplied for the occasion by Ecclestone's tyre distribution company. Several teams were worried that these tyres would overheat as they were designed with softer sidewalls than last year's Grand Prix tyres. The British F1 series for which they were designed last year had regulations which specified the cars to run without side skirts.