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1981 Argentine Grand Prix

Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina

Sunday, April 12, 1981
Hot, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Piquet, 1m45.287
1981 season:

Piquet makes up for his Brazilian mistake!

Buenos Aires, April 12th

From the start of practice for the Argentine Grand Prix, held at Buenos Aires' Municipal Autodrome within the spacious Parc Alrnirante Brown, Nelson Piquet was without question the man to beat. Driving his Brabham-Cosworth BT49C fitted with the novel hydro-pneumatic suspension system which has caused howls of "unfair" from rival teams, the enthusiastic young Brazilian was absolutely determined to make up for the silly mistake he had made two weeks before when he'd started the rain-soaked Brazilian Grand Prix on "slick" tyres, a tactical decision which turned out to be a woeful error of judgement. The Buenos Aires circuit had been resurfaced for a considerable part of its length since last year when the surface broke up quite badly in several places and this, combined with the effective way in which Gordon Murray's new suspension system has circumnavigated the "skirt ban", contributed to a pole position time which was a second and a half faster than last year! In 1980 Alan Jones was the fastest qualifier in 1 min. 44.17 sec. in his Williams FW07; this year Piquet's Brabham BT49C recorded a 1 min. 42.665 sec. lap during the first timed practice session, held in comparatively cool conditions, and he was never really challenged from that point onwards.