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1978 British Grand Prix

John Player British Grand Prix

Sunday, July 16, 1978
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Lauda, 1m18.60
1978 season:

Simply Unreal

Brands Hatch, July 16th.

Variety is something which the British Grand Prix always provides, fluctuating as it does from the pleasant garden-party atmosphere of the Silverstone airfield cicuit to the wire-mesh fence confines of the cramped and over-crowded stadium at Brands Hatch. Anyone who was at the British Grand Prix this year will know that you can get a quart into a pint pot. The fairly spacious pit-lane, overlooked by a new timekeepers bridge was well filled on Friday morning, when practice began. There were thirty aspirants for the twenty-six places on the grid and their cars together with twenty-one spare cars provided a very full and busy scene. More remarkable was the paying spectator crowd that poured into the circuit from early morning, for it was a crowd that any Formula Two organiser would have loved to have seen on race day, and this was only the first day of Grand Prix practice.

While the "big boys" disputed pole-position at the front end of the grid, the "rabbits" were vying for the back of the grid or in the unlucky four who were not going to race. In the solid block of mid-field runners there was equally keen competition among those running on standard Goodyear tyres to qualify for assistance with special tyres.