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1977 Spanish Grand Prix

Gran Premio de Espana

Sunday, May 8, 1977
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Laffite, 1m20.81
1977 season:

Andretti and Lotus in form again

Jarama, Madrid, May 8th

After racing in South America, South Africa and on the West Coast of the United States of America the Grand Prix scene returned to Europe with the Spanish Grand Prix run over 75 laps of the "mickey-mouse" Jarama circuit. By rotation it should have been held at Barcelona in the Montjuich Park, but after the accident caused by a design failure on the Hill car, Formula One in the park was finished. The artificial Jarama circuit does have the distinction of a good fast uphill left-hand bend, and a very fast downhill right-hander leading into a long (by today's standards) straight, with a hairpin at the end of it. The rest of it is more suited to Kart racing, the Formula One cars having to go through a series of "point-squirt-brake" motions. The average speed is around 95 m.p.h. and the average corner speed is a mere 65 m.p.h.; as a young colleague remarked, "Hardly the stuff from which motor racing legends are made". However, the Real Automovil Club de España came up with the necessary money so Ecclestone and Mosley allowed their Association members to take part. Fortunately the weather stayed warm and dry and an enormous crowd turned up to pay for it all.