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1973 Monaco Grand Prix

Grand Prix de Monaco

Sunday, June 3, 1973
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
E Fittipaldi, 1m28.1
1973 season:

When everyone arrived in Monte Carlo they were completely taken aback by the fact that the revised circuit (described in Motor Sport last month) was ready, if not completely finished in details. The first practice day was Thursday and by holding the National Renault Formula practice first, then the Formula Three practice, it gave the organisation a chance to finish off the details by the time Grand Prix practice started at 5 p.m.

What a pleasant change it all was from the previous Formula One event, held two weeks before at ZoIder, for everyone seemed happy and content to accept everything just as they found it. The new sea-front road from the Portier corner to the harbour was wider and straighter, and instead of passing through the old curved tunnel was now underground for almost its entire length in a grand arcade, so that there was no feeling of diving into a tunnel as before. The chicane which takes the circuit onto the harbour front had gone right back to its original position at the foot of the slope from the sea-front road, a position always previously regarded as dangerous. The Tabac corner was now high and dry on a ledge and the harbour front road turned left before the previous rise up to Tabac, and flowed very fast into the new road below the promenade and joined the existing road that ran out into the harbour around the swimming pool. This road was Armco lined and as wide as possible, but the corners followed each other so quickly that it was real "Mickey Mouse", and at the western side of the harbour it did a tight loop round some buildings and up onto the promenade level past the old Gasworks Hairpin and on to the original circuit towards Ste. Devote. The old promenade, from Tabac to the Gasworks was now the pit area, entered from the inside of the hairpin leading up from the harbour, and exited just before the timing box before Ste. Devote.