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1973 International Trophy

GKN/Daily Express International Trophy

Sunday, April 8, 1973
Fastest Lap:
Peterson, 1m17.5
1973 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

This year was the twenty-fifth race meeting organised by the BRDC at Silverstone under the title of the International Trophy. The first one was in 1949, when Alberto Ascari won with a supercharged 1-1/2-litre Ferrari from the Scuderia Ferrari, and since that day the BRDC have run this annual event without fail. From the inception the meeting has had the support of the Daily Express and in recent years GKN have joined the BRDC with their support. From the start it has been a day (or two days) of immense activity, with a varied programme of racing in which a miniature Grand Prix has always been the highlight. Referred to as the BRDC Festival of Fun and Speed it has always lived up to this title and this year's meeting was no exception.