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1973 Brazilian Grand Prix

Grande Premio do Brasil

Sunday, February 11, 1973
Very hot, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
E Fittipaldi and Hulme, 2m35.0
1973 season:

Another comfortable Lotus victory

THERE ARE Grands Prix that are tense and closely fought with the lead see-sawing between several teams and the verdict in question until the closing few laps and there are others where the result looks almost a foregone conclusion, even in practice. But, in these cases, the unexpected sometimes happens and the cars that made the running in practice may hit trouble in the race leaving victory to someone who can count himself lucky. One of the great joys of motor racing is its very unpredictability and the way in which the status quo can change so rapidly. The Argentine Grand Prix, for instance, was a classic race where the lead was in doubt until the last ten laps and three different teams had led at various stages of the race. Yet two weeks later, in neighbouring Brazil, one racing organisation, John Player Team Lotus, dominated practice and the race so utterly and completely that the others were almost left wondering whether it was worth carrying on. Yet, almost certainly, at the South African Grand Prix the pendulum will swing again in someone else's favour. However, the two opening World Championship Grands Prix did have one thing in common and that was the winner—Emerson Fittipaldi and his John Player sponsored Lotus 72.