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1971 Oulton Park F1

Rothmans International Trophy

Friday, April 9, 1971
Fastest Lap:
Rodriguez and Gethin, 1m25.06
1971 season:

The Rothman's Trophy
Oulton Park, 9th April, 1971

The best way to win a motor race is to have a good, strong, reliable car, well prepared, properly screwed together, driven by a hard-charging courageous driver, and to lead from start to finish, and that is exactly what the Yardley-BRM team did at Oulton Park on Good Friday. Add to this a modicum of misfortune in your rivals and your job becomes a little easier. Rodriguez led all 40 laps of the Rothmans Trophy, his lead varying from one and a half seconds to six seconds, but at no time did the second man, Gethin, get his McLaren-Cosworth V8 dangerously close to the V12 BRM, though he drove a splendid race and kept the pressure on throughout.