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1970 Road Atlanta Can-Am

Sunday, September 13, 1970
Race winner:
United States
1970 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

As a result of financial difficulties experienced by the Bridgehampton circuit on Long Island, the seventh round of the Can-Am series was held at an entirely new circuit, Road Atlanta, about 50 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first Can-Am race ever held in the southeastern part of the country and it proved to be one of the most remarkable in the five-year history of the series. The circuit itself is 2.52 miles in length, 32 to 40 ft. in width and very much an uphill and down dale affair. There was considerable criticism about several blind corners, but the more the criticism grew, the more one suspected it was an excuse for having to work much harder than at most other American circuits. Vic Elford, for one, liked the course and said that, "for once, someone has really used their head in designing it". Elford, indeed, had good reason for liking the course because it proved ideal for Jim Hall's Chaparral 2J, which he had been invited to drive following the car's first and only previous appearance at the Watkins Glen Can-Am. Since that time the car has been fitted with larger, Hurst/Airheart brake calipers; the auxiliary Rockwell JLO engine has been converted to Lucas fuel injection to eliminate vapour lock trouble; and the drive for the two suction fans has been moved outside the rear body so that it cannot be fouled by stones and other debris flying around the "vacuum chamber" under the rear body.