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1968 Sebring 12 Hours

Saturday, March 23, 1968
Fastest Lap:
Patrick, 2m49.0
United States
1968 season:

Hardly a classic

Most motor races usually have some highlight which, when looking back, bring the event into perspective. The 1968 Sebring 12-hour race lacked anything at all outstanding. This didn't mean that it was a dull race, for there were some moments which held the interest, but these were predictably short.

The Porsche Team, who were obvious favourites for an outright win, had four new cars to the same specification as those used at Daytona, except for shorter tails and the driver cooling systems now fitted. The "driver cooling" relies on a large ice block let into a receptacle beside the left headlamps, and an electric pump that forces the water into a suit of underclothes threaded with fine plastic capillary tubes which carry the coolant to all parts of the body. On the hot practice days the drivers were very enthusiastic about this latest luxury. The Porsches were driven by Siffert/Herrmann, who were fastest in practice only 0.8 sec. slower than Spence's record lap last year in the Chaparral 2F, Elford/Neerpasch, Mitter/Stommelen and Scarfiotti/Buzzetta.