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1968 Canadian Grand Prix

Grand Prix du Canada

Sunday, September 22, 1968
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Siffert, 1m35.1
1968 season:

St. Jovite, 22nd September 1968.

The first Canadian Grand Prix held last year at Mosport was sandwiched between the German Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix, which made travel arrangements rather difficult. This year the date of the race was moved to fall two weeks before the United States Grand Prix and the venue was changed to the 2.65-mile Mont Tremblant circuit, 60 miles north of Montreal.

The circuit is not very fast and is on the narrow side, and was surrounded by grassy banks and light bushy scrub with only the occasional barrier. However, after Bonnier had toured the circuit it became a little more like the twisty "tracks" that are creeping into Europe. The G.P.D.A. bill came to 35,000 dollars, which was only 60% of their original demand, on a circuit which has seen racing almost as fast for several years. Banks were bull-dozed away, spin-off areas were created in the scrub land, making several sections of the road look similar to the old Casablanca circuit, which went into the desert. Armco barriers and chain-link fences had sprouted and John Ross, the Clerk of the Course, could not explain the reasoning behind much of this spending of money but reckoned there would not be a race unless a minimum of work was done. Perhaps the G.P.D.A. ought to pay for these improvements, which would no doubt curb their future enthusiasm.