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1967 Targa Florio

Sunday, May 14, 1967
Fastest Lap:
Muller, 37m09.0
1967 season:

Porsche win again

Cefalu, May 14th.

That Porsche won the annual dice round the Sicilian mountains was no surprise for they invaded the island in force, determined not only to win the 2-litre Prototype class but also the overall classification. For this purpose they had three new cars with the 910 type of space frame chassis and fibreglass bodywork, fitted with 2.2-litre versions of the horizontally opposed 8-cylinder air-cooled engine that dates from their abortive Grand Prix days, now much improved and running on Bosch fuel injection. The drivers for these cars were Mitter/Davis, Herrmann/Siffert and Hawkins/Stommelen. In the 2-litre Prototype category and also acting as "back-up" cars to the 8-cylinders, were three 910 cars with 6-cylinder fuel-injection engines, driven by Cella/ Biscaldi, Neerpasch/Elford and Maglioli/Schutz, the last two being so tall that they had to run with the roof of the cockpit removed. Ferrari sent one 330P4 car for Vaccarella/Scarfiotti, an open model said to be the Daytona-winning car, and an 18-valve, fuel-injection Dino V6 for Klass/Casoni. They loaned their "apprentice driver" Williams to a private team to drive with Venturi in a 12-valve carburetter Dino V6. Backing up the works P4 against the Porsche team was the Filipinetti 330P3/4 driven by Muller/Guichet, while in opposition to everyone was the 2F Chaparral that raced at Spa, complete with "wing," driven by Phil Hill/Sharp, an entry that was admired by everyone for its sporting attitude of "Hell, let's have a go at the Targa Florio while we are in Europe."