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1967 Spanish Grand Prix

Gran Premio de Espana

Sunday, November 12, 1967
Race winner:
Pole position:
Fastest Lap:
Clark, 1m28.8
1967 season:

A Lotus benefit

The opening of the Jarama circuit near Madrid in July heralded a resurgence of interest in Spanish motor racing and with a World Championship event scheduled for May 15th next year the organisers decided to hold a " shake-down " F.1 race on November 12th to sort out any problems. Unfortunately November is not the time that Grand Prix teams are most prepared for an extra race and when the entry assembled there were only four Formula One cars present and so the rest of the field was made up mainly by F.2 cars weighted with lead to bring them up to the F.1 weight limit. The twisty 3.4-kilometre circuit is more suited to these cars, anyway, so perhaps some of the slower F.1 competitors shied away.

Since July corridors of power behind the circuit have seen some changes, for instead of the organisation being in the hands of the R.A.C.E., everything was being arranged by a group called Odacisa who now control the circuit. They were very keen and although their lack of experience showed in some ways everyone was fairly happy with the way things were run. The circuit has, as we remarked in our report of the July F.2 race, some of the best facilities in Europe, each of the twenty pits adjoining a large garage with light and power points and water laid on.