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1967 Sebring 12 Hours

Saturday, April 1, 1967
Fastest Lap:
Spence, 2m48.6
United States
1967 season:

Ford Mark IV wins on first outing

After the clash of heavy machinery at Daytona, Sebring was an anti-climax. The six Mk. II Fords; two 330 P4 Ferraris, two 330 P3/4 Ferraris and two Chaparrals had dwindled at this, the second round of the Manufacturers' Championship, to two Fords and two Chaparrals. Various excuses were given for Ferrari's non-appearance, the closeness to the Le Mans test day, and Ferrari's dislike of the track being the most likely. The N.A.R.T. cars were absent so that a writ of attachment tied up with last year's accident could not be served on the team.

The two Chaparrals were very little altered from Daytona. On the 2F, however, the wing spoiler was now being worked in its two positions. One of the Fords was the older Mk. II, a mixture of the best from Holman and Moody and Shelby America and now entered by the Ford Motor Company, Dearborn. The second Ford was a new car. This was a development of the "J" car which appeared last year at the Le Mans practice and is now called the Mk. IV. The body-frame is made of glued honeycomb aluminium and has the number "J4" which left no doubts as to its parentage. Roy Lunn at Kar Kraft, which is an Advanced Concepts Department of the Ford Motor Company, has been trying to promote the "J" car for one year and the only receptive ear was that of Bruce McLaren who has always said how good the car was.