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1966 Oulton Park Gold Cup

International Gold Cup

Saturday, September 17, 1966
Fastest Lap:
Brabham and Hulme, 1m36.6
1966 season:

THE Mid-Cheshire Motor Racing Club Ltd. were very courageous in organising a Formula One race for their Gold Cup meeting, in this first season of the new Grand Prix Formula, especially in view of the ups and downs of various factory teams. The outcome was a small field of cars but they gave a real taste of Grand Prix racing at its best and it must have whetted the appetites of the very large crowd of spectators. Anyone who expects the new 3-litre cars in their first year of racing to be as reliable and evenly matched as the old 1 1/2-litres of 1965 needs to get his feet on the ground and face up to reality. The works Brabham-Repco V8s and the works 16-cylinder B.R.M.s gave an inspiring, if short-lived, impression of what is to come when we get all the other works teams at Oulton Park next year.

Team Lotus entered Clark with a Lotus 43 with 16-cylinder B.R.M. engine, and Arundell with R14, the car with the 2-litre V8 Climax engine, but trouble with the 16-cylinder engine in practice meant that Clark had to take R14 and Arundell was a non-starter. Brabham and Hulme had the cars they used at Monza. B.R.M. entered Hill and Stewart with H16-cylinder cars, both with the earlier versions of engine firing as double-eights, and the rest of the entry was made up of private-owners. Anderson was there with his Brabham-Climax 4-cylinder, Ireland had the ex-works Tasman 2-litre B.R.M. V8 of Bernard White Racing, which Bondurant has been driving, Spence was in Parnell's Lotus 25-B.R.M. V8, Lawrence had the John Pearce Cooper-Ferrari V12 and Campbell-Jones had a 1964 B.R.P. chassis into which Willment's had fitted a Paul Emery-built 3-litre Godiva Coventry-Climax V8. Brabham Racing had entered the Formula 3 driver Irwin on one of their V8 cars, but he was a non-starter, as was Jonathan Williams who was to have driven for Parnell.