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1965 United States Grand Prix

United States Grand Prix

Sunday, October 3, 1965
Windy and occasional rain
Fastest Lap:
G Hill, 1m11.90
United States
1965 season:

From the Motor Sport archive.

Watkins Glen, Sunday, October 3rd.

The World Drivers' Championship for 1965 was clinched before the G.P. circus crossed the Atlantic, so the U.S. Grand Prix, held for the fifth year in succession at the Watkins Glen Circuit, was not surrounded with quite so much daily paper "ballyhoo" as usual. Autumn at the Glen was not so far advanced as in some previous years and the beautiful rolling wooded countryside had not taken on the brilliant hues for which the area is noted. All who have attended this race in the past enjoy the returning, for this is the friendliest of all the racing venues.

This year 18 cars and drivers were invited to participate in the seventh U.S. Grand Prix. The Ferrari team had three cars entered. The No. 1 driver was Bandini as Surtees was in hospital at Toronto following his accident there the week before when an upright in the front suspension broke on the Lola 70. Although still very ill, reports from the hospital indicated that he was on the mend although he will be out of racing for sonic time. Bandini took over the car Surtees would normally have driven and had a spare Flat-12 as well. Rodriguez was entered in a Flat-12 by North American Racing team, as was Bondurant in a V8; however, both cars were in the hands of Italian mechanics and under the control of Dragoni. Bondurant was driving in his first Formula One race and on a circuit on which he had not previously raced.