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1965 Monza 1000Kms

1000 km di Monza/Trofeo Filippo Caracciolo

Sunday, April 25, 1965
Fastest Lap:
Surtees, 2m47.2
1965 season:

From the archive.

The Italians introduced this new long-distance GT and Prototype event without a great deal of warning, and as it counted in the Manufacturers' Championship series, it meant that Ferrari could forgo the Sebring 12-hour race and still participate in the required number of championship events, with this one on his doorstep. He sent his team out in force for this event, the only opposition coming from Ford, as regards Prototypes, but as the Le Mans test weekend indicated, the new four-camshaft Ferraris are powerful, fast and reliable.

In order to take a large number of starters, the organisers used the full 10-kilometre Monza circuit, which includes the concrete bankings, and to reduce the risk of things breaking on the modern lightweight cars, some artificial corners were arranged before the entrance to the south banking, otherwise the big Ferraris and Fords would have been hitting the rough concrete at 180 m.p.h. Even so, mechanical breakages were not eliminated and suspensions, steerings, wheels and tyres all suffered in various ways.