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1965 Goodwood F1

Sunday Mirror Glover Trophy

Monday, April 19, 1965
Race winner:
Cold and dry
Fastest Lap:
Clark and Stewart, 1m20.4
1965 season:

Goodwood, Sussex. April 19th.

The practice day on the Saturday of Easter weekend was blessed with mixed weather, so that times and starting-grid positions did not give a true indication of the possible outcome of the racing. The Formula One cars had two periods of practice, the first one dry and the second one wet, so that some drivers got caught out by reserving their big effort for the afternoon session. Main interest lay in Clark having the long-awaited four valves per cylinder Coventry-Climax V8 engine in his Lotus 33, and the introduction of the new R7 tyre by Dunlop, a 13-in. Formula One version of the tyres seen at Le Mans the previous weekend. Most of the top drivers had these tyres, except Brabham and Gurney, who had the latest Goodyear tyres. Time-keeping at Goodwood is only to the nearest fifth of a second, which is hopelessly inadequate for a lap time of 1 min. 20 sec., so the results of practice showed some dead-heats, and Stewart was given fastest time with 1 min. 19.8 sec. followed by Graham Hill and Clark with 1 min. 20.6 sec. and Spence and Anderson with 1 min. 20.8 sec., all these getting below the existing lap record of 1 min. 21.0 sec., held by Graham Hill.