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1964 Goodwood F1

News of the World Glover Trophy

Monday, March 30, 1964
Race winner:
Fastest Lap:
Hill, 1m21.0
1964 season:

Goodwood International Meeting

Easter Monday, March 30th.

The main event in the B.A.R.C. Easter holiday programme was the 42-lap Formula One race for £350 and theNews of the World Trophy, but before this took place the large crowd around the edges of the Goodwood airfield circuit were treated to a couple of 10-lap races. The first was for Formula Three cars, in which there was a depressing number of non-starters, and Stewart driving Ken Tyrell's 1964 Cooper-B.M.C. ran away with the event; the spirited driving of Fenning in the Janspeed Engineering Lotus-B.M.C. prevented the race from being a Tyrell/Cooper benefit, for he kept his red car at close quarters with Banks in the second Tyrell car and took second place on the last lap. The second 10-lap race was for saloon cars and provided another runaway victory, this time for Jack Sears in the WilIment-entered Ford Galaxie V8. Brabham was due to challenge the Willment car, driving Alan Brown's Galaxie, but in practice a tyre deflated going into Madgewick and the vast American car rolled over and over with a crashing and banging, the like of which had never before been heard on the Sussex circuit. It finished up on its wheels rather the worse for wear and Brabham undid his safety harness and stepped out unmarked. Being on his own, Sears "wuffled" round in full command of the race, but in his rear-view mirror was a works Ford Lotus-Cortina, driven by Jim Clark, that was doing some pretty acrobatic balancing acts and keeping up with the big V8. Among the rest of the field a collection of Lotus-Cortinas was led by Arundell, with Frank Gardner in hot pursuit, and a horde of B.M.C. Mini cars pounded round and were embarrassed by a lone Ford Anglia 1200 belonging to Superspeed Conversions and very ably driven by M. Young. The Mini battle was a three-cornered affair between rival "speed-shops," the Alexander Engineering car finally leading from Downton Engineering, and both vanquishing the works Cooper entries, but that Ford Anglia was ahead of them all!