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1964 British Grand Prix

British and European Grand Prix

Saturday, July 11, 1964
Race winner:
Dry and overcast
Pole position:
Fastest Lap:
Clark, 1m38.8
1964 season:

A Hard Time for Clark

Brands Hatch EnglandĀ July 11th

The British Grand Prix has never had any particular home, and this year it was to hold the title of European Grand Prix so the R.A.C. not only decided to run it themselves, instead of delegating it to the B.R.D.C. or the B.A.R.C., but also chose Brands Hatch Stadium as the venue and enlisted the help of almost everyone in the British sporting world. Naturally the full length circuit was used so that it was new to the present day Grand Prix "circus," though Lotus had given a demonstration with their champion car at the end of last year and earlier this summer there had been some unofficial practice allowed, as well as another short session the night before the official practice for the Grand Prix began. There was to be the usual full supporting programme that invariably seems to turn a Grand Prix event into a "fiesta," but it was arranged that the F.1 cars should have the whole of the morning on Thursday and Friday for practice, which provided ample time for most people.