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1962 Snetterton F1

Lombank Trophy

Saturday, April 14, 1962
Race winner:
Fastest Lap:
Moss, 1m33.6
1962 season:

International Lombank Trophy Meeting
Snetterton, April 14th

THIS was the first event on British soil where entries had been made for Formula One cars using the Climax and B.R.M. V8 engines. Three cars were equipped with the new engines; Jimmy Clark's Team Lotus car, using a "bench engine," Stirling Moss with the latest U.D.T.-Laystall Lotus fitted with their recently delivered Climax unit, and Graham Hill in the B.R.M. Giving the International touch to the race were the Porsches of Joakim Bonnier and Wolfgang Seidel; the former being the 1961 works 4-cylinder car recently acquired by the Republica Venezia team and being liveried in Italian red and the latter, an identical car, being entered by Seidel's Auto-Sport team and still liveried in the work's silver. Apart from Clark's V8, Team Lotus had two 4-cylinder cars entered for Peter Arundell and Trevor Taylor – only Taylor's car appearing. With Moss driving their number one car, regular U.D.T. drivers, Innes Ireland and Masten Gregory were entered with 4-cylinder Mk II Climax-engined Lotuses of the latest pattern. The other finance company, Bowmaker-Yeoman had the Brussels' Lola for John Surtees and a stock Cooper-Climax for Roy Salvadori. Other Lotus drivers were the independants, Tim Parnell and Tony Shelly. Completing the entries was the Gilby-Climax of Keith Greene, the Emeryson-Climax of Graham Eden, and Chris Ashmore's Cooper-Climax. Jack Brabham's new Lotus was due to run but a fire at his workshop had damaged the car, and race day found him in the role of spectator. The second B.R.M. had been entered for Richie Ginther who was still recovering from burns received when the car caught fire during testing at the Bourne test track a few weeks earlier, and did not run.