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1962 Oulton Park Gold Cup

International Gold Cup

Saturday, September 1, 1962
Race winner:
Fastest Lap:
Clark, 1m40.0
1962 season:

Runaway win for Clark (Lotus-Climax)

TARPORLEY, September 1st

The Gold Cup race at Oulton Park attracted a good field, in spite of no support from foreign works teams, and twenty-three cars lined up on the grid, headed by Ginther (B.R.M.) in pole position with a practice lap in 1 min. 38.6 sec. This had been equalled by Clark (Lotus 25) and also on the front row were G. Hill (B.R.M.) and McLaren (Cooper-Climax V8). All the important British teams were present, B.R.M. with a third entry driven by South African Bruce Johnstone, this being the Nurburgring crashed car straightened out, while Surtees and Salvadori had their original pair of Lolas, both with 5-speed gearboxes, and the U.D.T. cars were a Lotus-Climax V8 for Ireland and a new Lotus-B.R.M. V8 with 6-speed Colotti box for Gregory. Team Lotus had three cars at the meeting, the regular "monocoque" for Clark, the regular Lotus 24 for Taylor, and a brand new "monocoque " Lotus 25 to try out in practice. Taylor's car had engine trouble in practice so he had to race with the virtually untried brand new "monocoque," once again through no fault of his own starting a race with an unknown car. Team Walker had Bonnier driving their dark blue Lotus-Climax V8 and Brabham was there in his turquoise Brabham-Climax V8. Very well placed on the grid with an excellent practice lap was motorcycle champion Gary Hocking driving Tim Parnell's Lotus-Climax 4-cylinder with 5-speed Colotti box.