1961 Targa Florio

Sunday, April 30, 1961
Fastest Lap:
Von Trips, 40m03.2
1961 season:

An exciting motor race

Palermo, Sicily, April 30th.

This year the Automobile Club of Palermo took over the organisation of the Targa Florio, carrying on all the splendid traditions of this fantastic old race, and while the circuit and conditions and racing were of the usual wild and woolly nature, the paperwork organisation behind the event was greatly improved. The Little Madonie circuit, of 72 kilometres length (approximately 44 miles), was as difficult as ever, although two corners had been by-passed and a small amount of resurfacing had been done, but relative to the whole circuit this was rather like adding or taking away one straw bale on the average Grand Prix circuit. Also, some of the corners had been edged with steel crash barriers, so that instead of going straight over the edge and down the mountainside, anyone out of control would now bounce back on to the road and go over the edge a bit further on, a mangled wreck before leaving the road. These barriers may have been expected to deter drivers from overdoing things or going too fast, but in fact everyone seemed prepared to go faster than ever.