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1960 International Trophy

Daily Express International Trophy

Saturday, May 14, 1960
Race winner:
Fastest Lap:
Ireland, 1m34.2
1960 season:

The B.R.D.C. successfully put on a very full day's racing at Silverstone, but unfortunately a gloom had been cast over the meeting by the fatal accident to Harry Schell who, in the rain,  lost control of his Cooper at Abbey Curve and, hitting the marker wall as the car slid backwards, was thrown out and killed instantly.

During the wet practice session Moss "lost" his Cooper as he accelerated out of the Paddock round Woodcote. It spun into one of the F.1 Aston Martins that was parked at the pits, severely damaging both cars. Mechanics had to work all night putting the respective engines into spare chassis frames and for a time Moss the Master became Moss the Menace. It may be this change to another chassis which caused Moss' retirement in the International Trophy race, because a front wishbone broke when he was in the lead. The lone Vanwall proved unsatisfactory and was withdrawn – Tony Vandervell is a perfectionist but we hope he will have his cars ready before the season is too far advanced.