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1960 Goodwood F1

Glover Trophy

Monday, April 18, 1960
Race winner:
Fastest Lap:
Moss, 1m24.0
1960 season:

So to the big race of the day, the International 100 for the Glover Trophy over 42 laps, for G.P. cars. Now Moss really met his match, for always Ireland in the new Team Lotus car was ahead of the 1959 Walker Cooper. Moreover, Innes looked calm, expressionless, whereas Stirling was hard at work, inner front wheel lifting, tail hanging out on the corners. Half-distance came, but still Moss hadn't passed. He began really to pile on the pressure but to no avail. He would close up on the Lotus' tail at Lavant but Ireland, driving with notable consistency, would pull away down the straight and hold his advantage to Fordwater, his low, compact car holding the road magnificently. At the finish the Lotus had 2.8 sec. in hand, having averaged 100.39 m.p.h., a race record. Moss had lapped fractionally quicker, establishing a new lap record of 102.13 m.p.h. A great race!