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1958 Aintree F1

BARC 200

Saturday, April 19, 1958
Fastest Lap:
Brabham, 2m01.4
1958 season:

Coopers dominate the race

Aintree, April 19th.

The Daily Mall-sponsored "International 200" turned out one of the most sensational long-distance races for many years. After Behra's Goodwood crash and Moss' engine failure it seemed that the field might be depleted. However, B.R.M. brought two 1957 cars to the practice session, the race number and a "T" being transposed from one to the other as Behra and Flockhart tried each car. Both were running without brake servos, the only cure Girling could suggest for the trouble which caused Behra's nasty accident on Easter Monday. One B.R.M. developed magneto trouble and in any case it was intended only to start one car, in which Behra set a lap time of 1 min. 59.8 sec. Alf Francis had been busy since Goodwood. Having a set of experimental over-size pistons and liners for a Climax engine, 0.9 mm, larger than those of the 1,960-c.c. engine, he assembled a new 2,010-c.c. power unit for Moss' Cooper. With this still stiff Moss did 2 min. 0.6 sec., a time 0.4 sec, slower than Salvadori's works 1,960-c.c. Cooper. Fourth fastest was Brabham's works Cooper, in 2 min. 1.2 sec.