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1957 Swedish Grand Prix

Sveriges Grand Prix

Sunday, August 11, 1957
Fastest Lap:
Behra, 2m20.9
1957 season:

A Maserati Victory

Kristianstad, August, 11th.

Although the race in Sweden was entitled Grand Prix, it was for sports-cars and had the importance of counting towards the Manufacturers' Championship. Held on the same narrow bumpy circuit as in previous years, the race differed only in that this year it was for a period of six hours, instead of 1,000 kilometres, it being felt that a time race would be more acceptable to the public. Of the big manufacturers only Maserati and Ferrari entered official teams, Jaguar fortunes being left in the hands of the Ecurie Ecosse and the Equipe National Belge, while not a single Aston Martin was to be seen. In the under 2-litre category Team Lotus entered two cars and for the rest the entries were from private owners.

There were two practice periods, on the Friday and Saturday before the race, and these were spent watching all the drivers of each equipe trying all the cars, and team managers trying to decide who should drive what, while drivers expressed likes and dislikes for various models. The Scuderia Maserati had two 4.5-litre cars, both with open bodywork, one having normal transmission and the other having the two-speed gearbox behind the clutch in addition to the normal five-speed rear-mounted gearbox.