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1957 Caen Grand Prix

Grand Prix de Caen

Sunday, July 28, 1957
Fastest Lap:
Behra, 1m20.7
1957 season:

Behra Banishes B.R.M. Bogey


Caen, July 28th.

Taking place one week after the British Grand Prix and one week before the German Grand Prix the race at Caen did not hope for a very exciting entry, relying mostly on private-owners and the smaller firms. However, Jean Behra was keen to take part and as the Scuderia Maserati were not interested in supplying a car, being too busy preparing for Nurburgring, the Frenchman approached Bourne and persuaded them to lend him a B.R.M. Realising that this was an opportunity to gain invaluable experience with a top-line driver the Owen Racing team sent two cars to Caen, one for practice and one for the race.

There were two entries from the Cooper factory, Salvadori on a rear-engined car and Brahham with a 1,500 Formula II car, while Brooks was driving R. R. C. Walker's 2-litre Cooper-Climax. There were private Maseratis in the hand of Gould, Halford, Piotti and Bonnier, while Schell borrowed the ex-Louis Rosier Maserati from its new owner Bourely and Marc Rosier had the old blue four-cylinder Ferrari. To complete the field of eleven cars was Lucas driving Alan Brown's Formula II Cooper-Climax.