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1954 German Grand Prix

Grosser Preis von Deutschland und Europa

Sunday, August 1, 1954
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Kling, 9m55.1
1954 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive Fangio wins European Grand Prix for Mercedes-Benz Adenau, August 1st This year the German Grand Prix was given the title of the Grand Prix of Europe, a rather meaningless name that each year the F.I.A. gives in turn to the major event run by the countries who organise rounds in the World Championship series. Giving this title to the German Grand Prix seemed to put the Automobile Club von Deutschland into chaos, for normally the events held on the Nurburgring are models of good organising, but this year the organisation overstepped the mark and out-organised even themselves. So complicated was the system of passes and armbands that it is to the credit of the mechanics and drivers only that the racing took place at all. Coloured armbands seemed to be changed every few hours and completely free movement was utterly impossible, so that anyone interested in doing an honest job of covering all aspects of the 1954 German Grand Prix had to waste unnecessary time fiddling their way about. Another serious mistake the organisers made was to run two National sports-car races and three International sports-car races at the same meeting as the Formula 1 teams who were competing for world honours, with the result that the very restricted paddock and pit space was overcrowded. Many problems would be solved if organisers would take a leaf out of the Belgian book and devote their whole energies to running the Grand Prix, as is done at Spa. However, to get under way with practice, which started on the Thursday before the race, only Maserati and Ferrari teams were out and the weather was decidedly dull. Ferrari were still sticking to their 1953/54 cars, the new short-chassis ones being discarded for the time being, until there was sufficient time to do some really serious and detailed testing.