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1953 Sebring 12 Hours

12 Hours of Sebring

Sunday, March 8, 1953
United States
1953 season:

Aston-Martin finishes second

The International 12-Hour Sports-Car Race at Sebring, U.S.A. was notable for David Brown sending out two DB3 Aston Martins, 2.9-litre models, under the care of John Wyer, for Duke/Collins and Parnell/Abecassis to drive.

The start saw Parnell beat everyone in the Le Mans start, but then his engine faltered and a door swung open, hitting a marker bin.  This pushed the all-enveloping body onto the wheels and not only was Reg last by a big margin, but a pit-stop was necessary, losing in all some five minutes. The other DB3 dogged the leading 5.4-litre open Cunningham driven by Fitch and Walters until after some three hours Collins was in the lead. Duke took over and soon after, in swerving and opening-up to avoid another car, when a head-on crash into is marker bin was the only alternative, approached his corner too last, slid, and rammed an American-entered Jaguar. He limped to his pit and had to retire, with damage to the car's rear end.