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1952 German Grand Prix

Grosser Preis von Deutschland

Sunday, August 3, 1952
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Ascari, 10m05.1
1952 season:

Practice Notes

One interesting point about the Nurburgring is its excellent concrete Paddock, with lock-up garages around the sides and the majority of teams take advantage of this, consequently there is always much of mechanical interest to be seen during the practice periods. Of the three works Ferraris, Ascari and Taruffi were using the new engines with the magnetos mounted in front of the cylinder block, while Farina had the earlier model with the magnetos in the scuttle. On the new engine a drive is taken from the nose of the crankshaft, through spur gears in a bolted-on aluminium casing on which the two four-cylinder magnetos are mounted. Originally the main fuel pump was driven from this point and with the modifications it has been moved to a higher position driven off the idler gear which drives the inlet camshaft. It seems that the magnetos in the old position under the scuttle ran too hot, even though cool air was ducted on to them. Fischer had his rear axle ratio changed on his four-cylinder Ferrari and at the same time attended to brakes, shock-absorbers and clutch, so that the car was stripped to the bare chassis frame at the back.