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1951 Le Mans 24 Hours

24 heures du Mans

Saturday, June 23, 1951
Fastest Lap:
Moss, 4m46.8
1951 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive:

The British Jaguar wins at Le Mans

A British victory at Le Mans! Thanks to William Lyons for building the new Type “C” XK 120 Jaguar, to Peter Walker and Peter Whitehead for driving one to a brilliant victory, and to Stirling Moss for taking the lap record in another of these Jaguars in the early stages of the World’s most important sports-car race and thus breaking up the Talbot opposition, this came true in the year’s race.

The winning Jaguar covered 2,243.9 miles in the two rounds of the clock, a speed of 93.49 m.p.h. 3.76 m.p.h. faster than last year. They finished, to British cheers, nine laps ahead of a 4½-litre Talbot, driven by Meyrat and Mairesse. Moss’ 105.1 m.p.h. lap record beat the 1950 Talbot record by 2.26 m.p.h.