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1946 Nice Grand Prix

Grand Prix de Nice

Monday, April 22, 1946
Fastest Lap:
Sommer, 1m44.8
1946 season:

Continental Fashion

It took a temporarily vanquished country - France - to hold a proper motor-race after hostilities had ceased, and on Easter Monday another was held at Nice, with practically all the old glamour of a Continental road race. It is now a matter of history that Gigi Villoresi won the race in a 4-cylinder 16-valve Maserati, at 64.65 m.p.h., covering the course in 2 hr. 0 min. 4.7 sec. His refuelling stop cost him three whole minutes and allowed Sommer's 3-litre Type 308 Alfa-Romeo to pass into the lead. However, Villoresi re-passed and finally finished a lap ahead of the Alfa. Chaboud and Grignard were next home, in 3 1/2-litre Delahayes, with Ruggeri's 16-valve Maserati behind them. Chiron, in an unblown 4-litre Talbot-Darracq, had much plug trouble and could not better sixth place. Schell retired after an "incident" with the big Maserati; Etancelin likewise after trouble with his 6-cylinder Maserati, and the tail-enders comprised Veret's "2.3" Alfa-Romeo, Pozzi's 1 1/2-litre Maserati, Bianchi's "2.3" Bugatti and Louveau's Maserati. The distance was 129.5 miles for blown, and 120 miles for normally-aspirated, cars. Sommer did fastest lap, at 68.56 m.p.h.