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1938 German Grand Prix

Grosser Preis von Deutschland

Sunday, July 24, 1938
Race winner:
Fastest Lap:
Seaman, 10m09.1
1938 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

British driver’s great victory in the German Grand Prix. Sensational fire in the pits

For the first time in fifteen years, a British driver has won the laurels in a full-scale Grand Prix race. Capping all his previous exploits, Richard Seaman, with a Mercedes-Benz, defeated the cream of Europe's drivers in the German Grand Prix on July 24th at the Nürburg Ring.

Seaman's victory was due to that steady, unruffled style of driving which has made him famous. Averaging 80.61 m.p.h. for the twenty-two laps (311.6 miles) of the race, he also put up the fastest lap in 10 mins. 9½ secs. at 83.71 m.p.h. The record for the circuit still stands to the credit of the late Berndt Rosemeyer, who in practice last year lapped in 9 mins. 46 2/5 secs., averaging 86.9 m.p.h., and in the race put in a lap at 85.6 m.p.h.

A sensational incident occurred at the end of the sixteenth lap, when von Brauchitsch's Mercedes, then in the lead, caught fire at the pits. Amidst scenes of great excitement the blaze was extinguished, and von Brauchitsch, showing great courage, proceeded in the race.