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Tim Flock

Full Name:
Julius Timothy Flock
11th May 1924
Fort Payne, Alabama
31st March 1998 (Aged 73)
Charlotte, North Carolina
Most recent race (in database):

The youngest of the Flock brothers was the slightly built Julius Timothy who proved the most successful of the clan. Not only did he win 39 top-division NASCAR events but he was also twice crowned champion.

Family upbringing and stock car debut

Money was short as they grew up in provincial Alabama during the Great Depression. Their father was a tightrope walker who died a year after Tim was born. Their mother supplemented her wages earned in a local clothes mill by running illegal moonshine whisky – the older brothers drove with Tim often along for the ride.

Tim Flock did not race until 1947 but it was the start of a successful career that lasted until 1961. NASCAR introduced its new "Strictly Stock" championship (the forerunner to today’s series) in 1949 and Tim Flock was a winner at the start of following season when steering a year-old Lincoln Cosmopolitan to victory in round two on Charlotte’s 0.75-mile dirt track.

NASCAR champion and "Jocko Flocko"

He drove Ted Chester’s "Black Phantom" Oldsmobile in 1951 and challenged for the title for the first time. Seven times a winner but only third in the final standings that year, Flock won the 1952 NASCAR title after another eight victories. He clinched the championship at the final round despite crashing his Hudson onto its roof.

He was out of action for a month during 1953 after suffering head injuries in a bizarre accident at Spartanburg. Flock had just driven overnight from New York State when he fell asleep in the grassy infield. An unwitting representative of the Champion Spark Plug company reversed his road car over the snoozing Flock.

That year also included Chester’s unusual publicity stunt that saw Flock start eight races with a monkey called "Jocko Flocko" alongside. Those events included his only win of the year at Hickory.

Chester disbanded his successful operation at the end of 1953. Flock appeared to have convincingly won the Daytona Beach race at the start of 1954 but his Ernest Woods’ Olds was disqualified due to a minor infraction. Flock, who had been stripped of a modified sportsman victory at the venue just two years earlier, furiously quit the sport.

NASCAR return delivers second title

That decision was later reversed and Flock was a regular once more in 1955 with Carl Kiekhaefer’s Chrysler. For Flock his first victory for Kiekhaefer on Daytona Beach was symbolic. On-the-road winner Fireball Roberts was disqualified so Flock gained sweet revenge for his disappointment a year earlier. That was the first of 18 victories as he dominated and delivered another NASCAR title. A winner during 1956, Tim Flock only entered occasionally thereafter.

He was not afraid of confrontation and believed himself to be the "most disqualified driver in history". His 1961 attempt to form a drivers’ union with Curtis Turner was met with another sanction from Bill France Sr that lasted four years. His licence was finally restored in 1965 but Tim Flock did not race again.

Championship seasons